How to do the Pray dance, with Take That

  1. Cross your left foot behind your right, step with your right foot to the right (uncrossing your feet) and step your left foot to the left.
  2. Spin 360 degrees to your right; face front again.
  3. Raise your right hand in a wide arc above your head and bring it down to your hip.
  4. With your hands on your hips, turn your right elbow out front, then back.
  5. Face your right; with your left hand on your hip, raise your right hand, keeping your shoulder and upper arm perpendicular to the floor. Do two pelvic thrusts (I mean come on that’s what it is.)
  6. Kick your right leg out to the side, turn back to the front and do whatever it is they’re doing with their hands there, I’ve lost the ability to describe that motion.
  7. Turn 180 degrees to face backwards with big giant skipping steps, you know, like in the gif. This is why we have visuals, people. Do that swishy arc thing with your right arm like you did in step 3 and turn to your right.
  8. Drop onto your left knee, extend your right arm and leg and do that weird flicky thing with your left wrist. Honestly I’ve gone insane, I’m not describing this accurately anymore.
  9. On both knees, place both hands in a “praying” gesture over your head, then lean down. Place your hands on either side of your head as if you were crazy like I clearly am and flick your head all sassy-like to your left, then your right.
  10. Put your hands back in the praying motion and repeat the first half of step 9, this time raising your left leg, then push yourself up to stand facing forward.

And because Tumblr only lets me do 10 gifs at a time: 

11. Cross your legs and spin with both arms extended and at a 45ish degree angle to the floor.

12. Get all drama-queen with both hands in front of your face and do that down and up thing there. Look this gifset seemed like a good idea at the time and then I got bored, I might have ADD, but for real, I can do these moves now, from learning them one at a time through the magic of gifs.

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still working on this one! Just a WIP of a clown lady.

Everybody loves a circus show
But I’m the only clown you’ll ever know.

Luka and Jim - Street art Version

This is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever seen

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My Fair Lady.
Don’t think I’ve posted this on tumblr yet, This was for a best friend/roommate for her birthday!

codenamekawaii said: That painting you recently posted is absolutely gorgeous! Do you think you might make it available to buy as a print?

wow im really honored!!! thank you so much!
I’m seriously thinking of opening up prints, when I do i will post it here! 


Viggo Mortensen Photo Shoot

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and finally finished this! A Christmas present for my aunt.

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